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Smart pergolas

Our terrace and garden pergolas protect against unfavorable weather conditions, giving you the pleasure of staying outdoors. Thanks to their functionality, they combine high quality with unique design.

Terrace pergola - effective terrace roofing

Intelligent terraces and garden pergolas serve as a roof for your garden area and are an aesthetic complement to the exterior architecture of the house. Their task is to protect against excessive sunlight and other weather conditions, which could prevent you from spending time outdoors. The roof of the terrace pergola is made of rotating slats that allow you to control the position. The most important advantages of this roofing include:

modern design and durable construction,
possibility of installing to the wall or as a free-standing installation,
independent control of air circulation and the amount of sunlight,
an additional decorative element of the space.

What is a Smart Pergola?

The bioclimatic pergolas are intuitive to use systems that can be enriched with additional elements. It is possible toadd it yo the side of the walls to make the use of the roof more comfortable and meet your individual expectations. Terrace pergolas are equipped with intelligent automation, thanks to which you can remotely control individual modules by changing their position.

Garden and terrace pergola

We provide our clients with comprehensive advice in the development of an arrangement project and in the selection of the appropriate construction model. We cooperate with the best producers, thanks to which we provide modern bioclimatic pergolas at Europe. Our offer also includes blinds for winter gardens.

The most important advantages of garden pergolas

A garden pergola is a garden structure that functions as a shaded area or an element of an architectural building. It consists of two rows of supports (posts) and a light truss placed on them, or a system of beams supporting plants, especialy the climbing plants. This element protects people in the garden from the sun's rays, and also supports plants and vines. The garden pergola has been used in architecture since the Middle Ages. It was also used in modernist architecture in Europe and the United States before and after World War II, primarily in avant-garde residential buildings and hotels. They were installed, among others, on roof terraces in the form of reinforced concrete elements on thin metal brackets.

Why is it worth investing in a garden pergola?

They are aesthetic, durable, and perform very important functions. First of all, they protect against weather conditions, e.g. rainfall or strong wind, thanks to which you can spend time outdoors with your loved ones regardless of the weather. Secondly, garden pergolas are a great way to increase usable space. Its great advantage is also the fact that it provides the comfort of rest and being

outdoors, which allows you to reduce stress and significantly improve your well-being. Own built-up space in the garden also allows you to cut yourself off from the hustle and bustle of the city, noise coming from neighbors, or from the neighboring street. A properly covered garden pergola will serve you not only in spring and summer but also in the colder months, becoming a beautiful winter garden.

Looking for garden pergolas? You are in the perfect place!

At Adameczek, we offer impressive terrace roofing – intelligent terrace pergolas, which are characterized by: modern decorative design, durable construction, and the ability to be installed on the wall or placed in a free-standing form. We guarantee comprehensive advice in developing an arrangement project and in choosing the right construction model. We cooperate with the best producers, thanks to which we offer modern bioclimatic pergolas at Europe. Check our offer for external roller shutters Bubendorff.

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