ROLAX ROOF SHUTTERS - the future of the smart home

Roof roller blinds are becoming more and more popular, especially on large roof glazing of winter gardens, swimming pool roofs, as well as free-standing garden buildings. No wonder, because they are extremely aesthetic and functional – they shade the rooms or let the sun's rays into them, illuminate them, and introduce a nice, atmospheric mood. They guarantee the users of the interior the ability to control the amount of incoming sun and the comfort of staying in the room at any time of the year. Currently, on the market, you can find a wide selection of roof roller blinds, among which ROLAX roller blinds are particularly popular. Compared to other solutions available on the European market, e.g. fabric covers (roof awning or Veranda system), they are characterized by high resistance to difficult and frequently changing weather conditions, i.e. wind, snow, or rain, and excellent insulation properties.

Why is it worth choosing functional and modern ROLAX roof roller blinds?

ROLAX aluminum roof roller blinds are installed primarily on large roof glazing of winter gardens, conservatories or swimming pools. They are filled with special foam, which is injected under high pressure and insulates rooms all year round. These roller shutters also protect glass roofs against the negative impact of external factors and eliminate noise caused by heavy rainfall. Why should you choose to install them? In summer, they can reduce the temperature inside, while in winter they reduce heating costs.

The construction of ROLAX roller shutters is the most modern solutions in the premium class

ROLAX roof roller blinds are equipped with a modern system of interconnected aluminum slats, which perfectly protect the guides against freezing. Thanks to special tensioners, maintenance-free, efficient, and trouble-free operation of the roller shutter is possible. In order for the roof roller blinds to be 100% suitable for winter gardens, conservatories, and swimming pools, they have been equipped with an efficient electronic motor and a specialized mechanism that tightens the roller blinds in their lower part. Thanks to this, they can work flawlessly on roofs with an angle of inclination from 0 to 81 degrees (taking into account the length of the roller shutter up to 6m). ROLAX roof roller blinds can be installed in segments, it is also possible to install other modules depending on individual needs. Thanks to this, even huge roof glazing can be shaded in an unlimited way.

The most important advantages of roof roller blinds

ROLAX roof roller blinds will be a perfect addition to every “smart home" system, which means that they can be controlled with a remote control, telephone, tablet, and even a watch. It is an extremely comfortable solution, especially for busy people who appreciate quick and functional solutions. Roller shutters provide users of winter gardens, swimming pools, and conservatories with many benefits. First of all, it is an original and unique product that:

allows you to reduce heating costs,
is probably the most effective, durable, and well-made way to shade,
allows you to enjoy exceptional views both in summer and winter,
protects against different weather conditions and potential damage to the roof,
is energy-saving - creates a durable and practical thermal insulation barrier that cools the room in summer and warms it in winter,
enables heating of the winter garden with the use of a glass roof, - ensures the highest efficiency in the summer and on hot days, protecting against strong sun and cooling the room to 20°C,
protects against burglary,
it is comfortable and intuitive to use,
works regardless of weather conditions - even during heavy rain, snow, or strong wind,
positively affects the protection of the environment,
it is available in five beautiful colors in accordance with the RAL palette (white, silver, beige, brown, and anthracite), which gives many arrangement possibilities,
is a unique combination of awnings, pergolas, Veranda systems, reflexes, and internal roller blinds.

The manufacturer ensures the highest quality of products and gives a 7-year warranty on all elements of ROLAX external roller shutters.

Effective and aesthetic ROLAX roof roller blinds for winter gardens from Adameczek!

Adameczek's offer includes high-quality, practical, and aesthetic ROLAX roof roller blinds, which you can choose according to your preferences and expectations. We have roller shutters in different colors and with different technical parameters, thanks to which they can be perfectly combined with many styles and colors of the external architecture of the building. Check out our full offer.

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